Training is focused on a trusting relationship between you
and your dog.

Smartie Paws Pet Training

A well-behaved dog is a happy dog. A happy dog means a peaceful home.

Smartie Paws Pet Training

K9 Nosework™

Have you ever wondered how dogs can detect a specific scent? We have all seen our own dogs find something that is hidden and wonder how they do it. This class focuses on that tremendous skill. Any dog at any age can do Nosework. There is no prerequisite required...just their NOSE. Not sure if you would be interested in Nosework, please contact me to observe a class.

Introduction to K9 Nosework                     $140.00

  Day               Date                   Time


  Thursday         7-11-18                 7:30pm



Continuing K9 Nosework                           $140.00

  Day               Date                   Time

  Sunday           class is full            1:00pm

  Wednesday      class is full            6:30pm

  Thursday        class is full            7:30pm

  Thursday        class is full            8:30pm



Advanced K9 Nosework (NWII)                    $140.00

  Day               Date                   Time

  Thursday        please contact me    6:30pm (1 open spot)

Please contact me if you are interested in nosework class.

All classes are 1-hour and run for 8-weeks.